Monday, February 22, 2010

From the President

We have outgrown our present facility and have great plans for building a big new building for the birds. It will be in three sections with the center section being 30ft wide and 50 ft. long. This will house the macaws that are flighted and will have lots of perches but plenty of room to fly. One of the features will be a special perch that when they land on it, water comes on and "voila" a shower. This will be good for them so they can bathe when they want to and not when we decided it is bath time. It will be good for us as now we shower each bird individually, which is really time consuming. The two side sections will house smaller birds, Amazons etc on one side and the other section will be for special needs birds. We are working hard to make cleaning the facility easy & efficient.
We welcome any ideas you may have. We always need volunteers.
Thanks for checking in and we will keep you posted on our progress.
Joanie Lamm