Friday, March 25, 2011

Phone Call.

Will the lady that called about the bare eyed cockatoo (from Canada) please call again. My phone did not save your number or email message and I have no way of getting back to you.

We have not given up. Trying many avenues and that takes up so much time I can't get to this. Of course if something happened I would jump right on it. Let me repeat, we are anxious to hear your ideas.. If we can get this new building it will help so many birds that not only need a home but will live as birds, able to fly, forage, play, pick the area they wish to be in. Please, keep us in your prayers and send any suggestions you may have. This HAS to happen. There are many feathered ones here, counting on it. Plus me. I will try to do better on the blog effort.
Thank you all.